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GG&Gs XDS-2C Compact Tactical Bipod is designed to accommodate the M14" AR-10" AR-30 and other large caliber rifles and carbines. It has a head that pans or swivels (20 degrees of panning capability to the left and right of the center position), a head that cants from side to side (25 degrees of canting capability each side of center), bipod legs that lock forward at a 45-degree angle for difficult terrain and durable grippy rubber feet that grip more surfaces and are replaceable. When the Tactical Bipod legs are deployed and locked in the straight down position they can be independently adjusted from 6-5/8" to 8-1/4".

Features :
  • ,Designed and manufactured to accommodate the M14" AR-10" and other larger caliber rifles and carbines,
  • Rugged construction
  • Tool-Less installation